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"Designed as an incubator for the first stages of a plant’s life, it is made of mouth blown glass and comes in two parts…"

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DIY Nautical Decor That Makes a Splash

"Summer is here, which means a trip to the beach! Whether you actually lay out on the sand or just dream of a shoreside vacation, you can bring home some of your getaway home with some nautical-inspired decor…"

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Lush Ivy-Covered Building is a Living Backyard Home Office

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Lush Ivy-Covered Building is a Living Backyard Home Office

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General tidy today, lots of weeding, mounding, cutting grass, turning over soil etcEverbody’s patches are looking so nice this year, not one is being left, at the height of summer it is going to be beautiful, can’t wait!

Garden Treasure Jars
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Made from used food jars, you can decorate them with flat-bottom marbles (or whatever you like), and place them in the garden. Tiny toys and secret notes can be hidden inside—like little time capsules in your garden.

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TERRAform raised bed makes gardening wheelchair accessible
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The TERRAform pod is made from food safe, UV-treated, recycled polyethylene that is molded to fit the dimensions of wheelchairs. When the three-sided pen is built around the pod it creates a garden at table height that allows easy access for planting, weeding and harvesting. Currently there are around 100 of the TERRAform pods being tested and used in gardens throughout France.

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How to Plant a Container Garden to Enhance Your Yard | INSTALL-IT-DIRECT

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A container garden is an easy way to liven up an outdoor space. Here is how to choose a container, prepare soil, and plant the plants.

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Garden sign using recycled wood
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Create this quirky garden sign to point in the direction of diffrent locations on your property. 

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In the Buzz About Bees, Don’t Forget the Natives
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A study shows that wild bees are more effective pollinators than honeybees. As domestic honeybees decline, native bees will become even more important.

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Toxic Plants to Dogs

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Toxic Plants to Dogs (DID YOU KNOW there are some plants which could be toxic to your dog. Is your garden dog friendly? http://t.co/wMkIlab4JT)

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Ornamental grasses easy to grow

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I have been getting a few requests to repeat a column that ran a few years ago on grasses. It seems more and more gardeners are discovering the joys of maintenance-free gardening that grasses can offer.

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Chelsea flower show: austere elements and an Australian ray of light

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It’s a struggle to find a showstopping show garden this year, but a blue poppy and a reclaimed timber studio catch the eye

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Chelsea flower show 2013 – in pictures

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The final touches are made to the RHS Chelsea flower show which is open to the public from today until 25 May

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Chelsea flower show 2013: why the Australians won

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After nine years of trying, Fleming’s Nurseries has won best in show. Jane Perrone explains how they did it

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